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Placid Blue Is Hot Color Trend in 2014 for Interior Design and Fashion Says Beasley & Henley Interior Design

Winter Park, FL (PRWEB) November 16, 2013

The hottest trend color for 2014 will be Placid Blue, a soft and inviting pastel #15-3920, according to the Color Trend experts at Pantone. The interior designers at Beasley & Henley Interior Design (Winter Park and Naples) enthusiastically agree.

Blue has never gone out of style, but like many colors it ebbs and flows in popularity.

Blues in general are a perennial favorite, often referred to as a pocket-sized vacation of sea and sky. According to psychologists who explore the intricate interaction of color, behavior and mood, blues basic emotional valence is calmness and open-endedness, in contrast to the aggression associated with colors such as red. People associate blues with the positive characteristics of wisdom, loyalty and trust.

In home design, Blues will be seen in fabrics, lighting, wall colors, lacquered finishes and much more. In additional, they will make glamorous statements in focal piece chandeliers and rugs. Placid Blue fabrics can be matched easily with complementary colors such as yellow and white.

No matter how they are used in 2014, Blue with be the new Black and we are couldnt be happier.

Online Jeweller Says American Women Love it Big

Sarasota, FL (PRWEB) January 31, 2012

When it comes to diverse cultures, it truly is easy to stop up conversing cliches, but does vogue communicate a language to all individuals? On the internet suppliers and clip on earring specialists, http://www.make-me-beautiful.co.united kingdom, set out to answer this problem by reviewing developments in revenue across main geographic locations throughout 2011.


“Vogue in 2012 is some thing wonderful,” defined Misae Richwoods of Make Me Stunning. “On a single hand globalisation has produced fashion more accessible to every person just about all over the place. These days you can see the newest developments from pinnacles of fashion, like London Style Week, and inside of a few months you can commence buying them at places like http://www.make-me-lovely.co.united kingdom. On the otherhand, more subcultures and genres than ever before have grown up as people attempt to consider these designs of splendor and carve into it their personal identification, heritage and story. We questioned how the globe was filtering our collections locally and had been surprised at some of the answers.”

Among the trends revealed had been that the French have been a lot more than two times as likely as People in america and virtually several occasions as most likely than Brits to wear cute characters on their ears this sort of as small animals. Germans and Australians had been more than thirty% far more probable to put on clubwear orientated earrings than average, however of the remainder, Australian girls were four moments as most likely to sporting danglling chandeliers earrings than their Germanic friends, who had a huge leanining toward studs, buttons and other ‘on the lobe’ design earrings.


“1 development we seen throughout all segments of our selection was that American females adore it big,” spoke Richwoods. “Whether or not it was classics like pearl earrings, normal geometrics like hoop earrings or development led like chandeliers, American ladies had been far more most likely to be producing a huge statement than everywhere else in the world. Are American females just taller? Or are they just bolder of spirit? Either way we really like them!”




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