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Everything One Needs To Know About LED Bulbs

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) December 29, 2014

The Federal Savings Bank, a Midwest based lender enjoys hearing its newly approved clients talk about how they are going to decorate their new homes. Many of these first-time homeowners may not realize that they have a big decision to make when choosing when a light bulb burns out. Sure, some can pop down to the corner store and pick up whatever bulb is on the shelf, but that option is unlikely to provide them the energy and cost savings they would appreciate. When the first light of their new home dies, this is the time for owners to decide which type of bulb is right for them.

Keep your money in your wallet

Many people have been using compact fluorescent light bulbs for years, which provide some energy savings compared to more traditional incandescent bulbs. But LEDs can provide even more energy savings and for a longer period of time. According to Consumer Reports, LEDs can last anywhere from 20,000 to 50,000 hours, which means owners can install an LED bulb and won’t need to replace it for more than decade.

Enjoy a brighter environment

Unlike incandescent bulbs, which can give off a yellow light, LEDs provide a more crisp, white light, according to LED Luxor. This type of lighting provides a clear, bright environment, which can be particularly beneficial for people who have poor eyesight or have detailed-oriented hobbies like model cars or painting. However, for people who want a more traditional feel to their room, there are LEDs on the market that give off fewer blue tones and are closer to incandescent bulbs’ color spectrum.

An added bonus of LED bulbs is they won’t flicker, which can be irritating or even dangerous to people with certain medical conditions. Instead, LEDs eventually dim and are considered dead after losing a certain percentage of light.

Knowledge is power

Buying an LED lamp for the first time can be a bit more complicated than homeowners expect. However, they need only a few facts before heading to the store, according to Shrink That Footprint.

Next, homeowners will see many shapes and sizes of LEDs. The shape they want to purchase will depend on where they want the light to go. For common lamps, homeowners want the common arbitrary shape, but in fancy chandeliers, they may want the candle-shaped option.

Brightness may be one of the most important factors to keep in mind when buying LEDs because the wattage marked on an LED bulb won’t be the same as on an incandescent or CFL. For instance, where homeowners would use a 60 watt standard bulb, they’ll probably want to buy a 10 W LED.

Last, homeowners should consider the color temperature or spectrum. If they want the LED’s light to be more like incandescent bulbs then they should purchase an LED with a warm white tone. For a blue light, they should buy a natural or cool white product.

First-time home buyers should contact The Federal Savings Bank, a veteran owned bank, to learn about current low mortgage rates.

From Cashmere Sweaters to Swarovski Studded Tiaras to Great Art: It Is All About High Fashion and Urban Good Looks at Norfolk’s First Upscale Dog Boutique

Norfolk, VA (PRWEB) August 29, 2006 -

Maggie Wags will open its doors on Tuesday, September 5th, in downtown Norfolks historic Freemason community. Here, Tidewater puppy proprietors in lookup of high-finish vogue and components will knowledge the regions a single-of-a-kind dog boutique. This year, Us citizens will commit $ 38.four billion on their pets a range that has doubled more than the earlier 10 years. With this trend expected to keep on through the decade, there is a sturdy marketplace to match the growing appetite for Maggie Wags unique offerings.

Becky Rowe, proprietor and store supervisor, states, Pet proprietors have demonstrated, in excess of the past couple of years, that they want designer clothing and jewels for their companion animals. They are seeking for the best high quality solution for their furry very best close friends and we are the spot that has what they are looking for.

Maggie Wags named for Rowes teacup Yorkshire terrier, Maggie delivers a total searching experience for owners and their canines. From the higher style designer department featuring the newest purse-canine developments out of New York to the city dog department showcasing huge dog designers such as George of San Francisco to the artwork gallery displaying the operate of neighborhood artists, customers are certain to locate that perfect gift, reducing edge canine fashions, this seasons very best looking collar and leash set, even some thing for on their own.

Make no mistake this is not a large-box pet store. The store sits on a cobblestone road in a downtown community known for its architecture and historical past. Beckys husband Michael created and restored the place in this flip-of-the-century constructing. There are classy chandeliers hovering over antique furnishings, crown molding outlining the substantial ceilings of yester-12 months, and fixtures imported from Czechoslovakia. But the atmosphere is a single of whimsy and entertaining. Rowe points out, The market tendencies bode effectively for a shop like mine. We have created a room that is elegant, yet exciting. We have wonderful artwork, gourmand treats, to-die-for fashions. And you can shop with your dog. It doesnt get any better than that.


To celebrate the opening, Maggie Wags will host an invitation only gala exactly where friends will look at these kinds of highlighted designers as Hedy Manon, Donald Pliner, Bodhi, Poochee, and Dorothy Bauer. Nationally acclaimed pet photographer Jim Dratfields operate will be on display and visitors of the gala will have the chance to be amid the first locals to timetable the Manhattan artist for commissioned perform. Five p.c of the proceeds from the evenings affair will be donated to the Ghent Pet Park to support their efforts in developing a community puppy park on Stockley Gardens.


Catering for the grand opening celebration will be provided by the upscale Voila cafe, situated two doors from Maggie Wags. Flower arrangements will be developed by the new Auparavant Yard, which recently opened subsequent door to the boutique. As a recent passerby of this comeback block of Freemason was overheard to say, Honey, were not in Kansas any more.

Maggie Wags opens Tuesday, September 5 at ten AM. The merchants typical hrs are Monday via Friday from 10 AM to 6 PM and Saturday from ten a.m. to 5 p.m. The web site for the boutique is http://www.maggiewags.com. Telephone: 757.640.0199




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