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Lighting Gets a Voice in Xicatos Shack on the Square’

San Jose, Calif. (PRWEB) March 28, 2014

Xicatos Shack on the Square as its come to be known will once again become a second home to Light + Building visitors seeking to discover new perspectives on light and now the integration of lighting and building management. Mixing lighting science, a light experience and a hands-on workshop, Xicato will provide more than a few surprises for those that choose to step into its tent on the Agora Plaza near Halls 3 and 4.

Unlike most stands that can be evaluated from afar, the only way to discover the colorful world of Xicato is to enter the tent. Visitors will find a colorful and comfortable environment where they can sit, get refreshed and take in the many experiences that await them. Xicatos centerpiece is a six meter chandelier crafted by Mike Stone Lighting that features three rows of illuminated, liquid filled flasks which replicate the spectral power distribution of the companys Artist, Vibrant and Standard lights.

Lighting 2.0

Xicato is breaking new ground with an intelligent module that integrates electronics, sensors and software in a small, efficient package. The new Intelligent Platform enables the Internet of Lights and to show how lighting and building management will change, the company has teamed with Echelon to demonstrate how these technologies are working together to provide truly intelligent, controllable solutions.

A Unique Immersive Experience

Spot the Change is the result of a joint program between Xicato and Parsons The New School For Design in New York City. Students studied the impact of white light on perception and created this interactive space in which visitors perception of color is affected by the nature of the white light in the room. Caution, you may leave seeing spots. If not, visitors can take a color vision test to see how accurately they see and perceive colors.

Color Science Seminars

Xicato believes that a solid understanding of light and color metrics is critical for the industry. To support this, there will be color science seminars on the stand throughout each day. Designed by the companys color scientists and based in part on Xicatos CPD course, the seminars will help participants understand spectral power distribution, gamut area, macadam ellipses, color spaces, color rendering and much more.

Pick, Plug and Play

In both the Workshop and the Materials Lab, visitors can compare how objects look under different forms of light or experiment with a range of optics and modules to see evaluate light beams and quality of light. And, in the Workshop only, Xicato will unveil its design for a new line of precision optics based on lighting designer research that prove again that seeing is believing.

About Xicato

Xicato is enabling the Internet of Lights and empowering architects, designers and building managers to create beautiful, smart spaces people love to live and work in. We design and build intelligent LED modules that integrate the best quality and most efficient light with software, sensors and connectivity. With Xicato, spaces and buildings can be simply managed from anywhere, using any device. For further information visit: http://www.xicato.com.

Xicatos headquarters and manufacturing is based in Silicon Valley and the company has offices in China, Japan, Europe and the US. Founded in 2007, Xicatos focus on high quality light and reliability has won praise from the lighting community and end-users alike and was recently recognized as Best Industrial Partner” by the Professional Lighting Design Conference. Installations using Xicato range from retail and museums to restaurants and hotels. A gallery of installations can be found here.

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